Ultra-fine beauty mister for better product absorption

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      • Vibrations make droplets 50 times smaller than standard mist
      • Charged particles open skin & hair barriers to penetrate better
      • Use with any of the 24 RÉDUIT Skinpod and Hairpod treatments
      • Helps you waste less product
      • One charge lasts around 3 months
      • Use for 1 minute daily with your chosen pod

      Il nostro parere da esperti

      Get every last drop of goodness out of your RÉDUIT Skinpod and Hairpod treatments with the RÉDUIT UNI. This smart device uses magnetic misting to open up your skin and hair barrier to allow the ultra-fine product mist through. And this mist is 50 times smaller than a standard mist.

      The RÉDUIT UNI's clever ultrasonic diffusion ensures that the powerful formula of each pod goes directly into the skin. Use with any of the 24 pods available - each boast 100% active ingredients, with no filler ingredients that serve no purpose.

      The RÉDUIT UNI lets you get more from every treatment pod by aiding your skin's absorption. Use every day with any Hairpod or Skinpod for shine boosting, anti-ageing, toning, firming and redness-banishing benefits.

      why it works

      There are two core technologies at play here: ultrasonic diffusion and magnetic misting. The diffusion is powered by vibrations that shake up the particles into droplets that are 50 times smaller than a usual mister.

      When combined with the magnetic misting technology, the Skinpod or Hairpod formulas with all active ingredients make it through more easily. The skin or hair barrier is opened for just a moment to allow the product in. This means less wasted product and better results, when you use the RÉDUIT UNI as part of your daily routine.

      Plus, with one charge lasting around 3 months; you'll find it easy to take with you on the go.

      it's as simple as

      Step 1: Pick a Hairpod or Skinpod to use and take off the cap.

      Step 2: Slot it in and turn until you hear a click.

      Step 3: Tap once to turn on and again for BOOST mode.

      Step 4: Treatment will begin and last for 1 minute, the RÉDUIT UNI will pulse every 5 seconds to tell you to move locations.

      Step 5: When done, take out the pod and reseal it.

      make it personal

      With 24 different Skinpods and Hairpods to choose from, you can totally customise your treatment. Select from conditioners and colour protectants for hair or anti-ageing, hydration and toning for skin.

      Mix and match for the ultimate skincare and haircare routine. Just pop your pod into the RÉDUIT UNI for a quick 1-minute treatment anywhere; at home or on the go.

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