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Cofanetto Clarisonic Mia Prima

Pulizia semplice e veloce

Cofanetto Clarisonic Mia Prima

Pulizia semplice e veloce

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prezzo di listino 99,00€ 249,00€

In evidenza

  • 6 volte più efficace della pulizia manuale e migliora l'assorbimento dei prodotti per la cura della pelle.
  • Rimuove lo sporco, l'olio e le impurità , si toglie anche il trucco a lunga durata 89% meglio delle salviette
  • In 4 settimane, i pori appaiono meno visibili e migliorano il tono e la consistenza della pelle
  • 1 modalità per una pulizia semplice e veloce
  • 100% impermeabile al 100% con 100 minuti per ogni carica
  • Funziona con qualsiasi testina o applicatore di pulizia Clarisonic

2 year warranty Exclusive to CurrentBody

Cosa pensa CurrentBody

Che siate alla ricerca di un regalo per una persona cara o per voi stessi in questa stagione, il Mia Prima Cleansing Gift set di Clarisonic ha tutto il necessario per una bella pelle.

Fatto per una semplice pulizia, il Mia Prima è un dispositivo senza fronzoli per una cura della pelle facile ma esperta.

Mia Prima Facial Cleansing Skincare Device ti dà una pulizia più profonda e lavora con l'elasticità naturale della pelle per rimuovere efficacemente le impurità e pulire la pelle 6 volte meglio delle tue mani.

Un pulsante, una modalità, un minuto per una pulizia sonica semplice e veloce. La pelle è più morbida, i pori sembrano ridotti al minimo e i prodotti per la cura della pelle assorbono meglio.


  • Mia Prima Device
  • Testina Radiance 
  • Testina Sensitive 
  • Testina Exfoliating 
  • Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • Skin Renewing Peel Cleanser
  • Micro USB 
  • Guida 
  • 2 anni di garanzia 

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Del valore di 249€

Completo di tutto il necessario per perfezionare la vostra routine di cura della pelle, il set regalo viene fornito con il dispositivo Mia Prima Device, la testina Daily Radiance Brush, la testina Sensitive Brush, la testina Exfoliating Brush Head, Refreshing Gel Cleanser & Skin Renewing Peel Cleanser Cleanser.


"As I can no longer buy Clarisonic in Greece, I was desperate to find a retailer that sells original Clarisonic face brushes, luckily I found CurrentBody. I was immediately sure that I was going to get original brushes for my favourite device. Since then I've purchased three times from the CurrentBody site and each time I was left completely satisfied.

Unfortunately Clarisonic shuts down in September, but at least I'm able to buy as many brush heads as I could thanks to a discount provided by CurrentBody.

They also emailed me to tell me that they're stocking up with as many brush replacements as they can for their customers. For me this is very reassuring and pleases me as a customer. Since I love my Clarisonic, everybody knows that it is quite expensive and I would like to use it for as many years as possible. CurrentBody is going to make this happen.

I have already suggested this site to my friends and I am looking forward to purchasing my next beauty device from them."

★★★★★ Kwnstantina


“The patented frequency of oscillations has been shown to increase collagen production—that means that not only does the Clarisonic remove dirt, oils and small particle pollutants better than other devices or manual washing, but also that using the device itself has benefits in ramping up collagen production.”

- Dr. Bucay, Dermatologist

The clarisonic difference


Clarisonic invented sonic skin cleansing in 2004 and uses patented oscillation technology to flush pores with water for surface and deep pore cleansing. The Mia Prima delivers infinitely better skin, cleansing skin 6x better than hands alone. Gentle enough for twice-a-day use, Clarisonic devices are the #1 most recommended skin cleansing devices by US dermatologists.*


It even takes off long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes. The Mia Prima removes makeup, impurities and pollution.


Eliminates dullness, boosts cell turnover for a radiant, even skin tone and improves the absorption of skincare products.


In 4 weeks, pores look less visible and improve the tone and texture of skin.


The go-to device for applying your makeup and taking it off.

*Based on a 2018 survey of 600 US dermatologists who recommend cleansing devices.

One mode, one button, one minute

Using Clarisonic's patented oscillation technology, the soft brush delivers more than 300 pulsations per second, gently flexing the pores to loosen dirt, debris and oil. Spinning and rotating brushes can twist and tug on delicate skin. Our gentle back and forth movement paired with water, creates a vacuum effect to remove dirt, oil and makeup from the skin's surface and pores.

Dermatologist tested for gentleness, it's suitable for all skin types and does not disrupt the skin barrier like strong exfoliants, therefore they are safe to use twice daily. Plus, the Mia Prima is 100% waterproof! Take Clarisonic into your shower or bath tub to get the most out of your cleansing routine.

The Mia Prima has just two cleansing modes, so it's really easy to use. All you need to do is push the button to start the 60-second T-Timer and indulge your skin.

Customise your routine

The Mia Prima is interchangeable and compatible with all of the Clarisonic cleansing brush heads and applicators, putting the control into your hands.

Clarisonic cleansing brush heads and applicators offer solutions for every skin type and concern. The Mia Prima takes care of all your needs in one intelligent handheld device.

You can find all the Clarisonic customized facial cleansing brush heads and applicators here.


1. To attach brush head turn clockwise and push down

2. Wet and add cleanser to brush head

3. Turn on device and start the 60 second cleansing cycle: 20 secs on forehead, 20 secs on nose & chin, 10 secs on each cheek

4.Rinse face and brush head and pat skin dry


Want to buy a Clarisonic but not sure which one is right for you?

We have rounded up all the information for you. Read our latest blog post to help you make up your mind.

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Additional Information


If you are under a doctor's care for any skin condition or if you think you may have a skin condition, please consult your physician before using the Clarisonic Mia. Refer to our website for more information.

We recommend that you do not share brush heads.

We recommend that you start with one of the Clarisonic cleansers that has been optimized for gentle daily use with Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems. Do not use Mia with jagged exfoliating particles such as shells. Clarisonic brushes may be used with soft, rounded exfoliating particles.

Using Mia to remove make-up may stain the bristles, but will not affect performance. If discoloration occurs, clean the brush head with soap and water.

This product uses magnets.





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