Clarisonic Tips and Tricks

by Jess Marrazzo

Clarisonic Tips and Tricks

Clarisonic Tips and Tricks

Never before had I been so excited to wash my face. It felt like Christmas morning as I unwrapped the mail order box, and frantically freed my shiny new Clarisonic from it's box. The instructions were thrown to one side as I rushed to the bathroom, cleanser in hand; I could hardly wait for the water to heat up. This was a whole new level of excitement.

And then my friend casually pointed out that I'm supposed to charge the unit for 24 hours before the first use. My emotions were polar opposites, on the one hand I was grateful she was there to stop me from destroying my Clarisonic. But on the other hand, she'd just completely killed my Clarisonic buzz. In the end though, I was grateful for her advice, as I don't know what I'd do without good ol' Clarence. (Naming your Clarisonic is totally normal...!)

Top Clarisonic Tips and Tricks

The Clarisonic is incredibly simple to use, but there are plenty of tips and tricks you can learn that will help you make the most of it. I've been using mine for a while, so I thought I'd share a few Clarisonic hints and tips - think of me as your new skincare BFF!

  • Charge the unit for 24 hours before the first use, this will prevent the battery from being damaged. The unit is sealed and watertight, so you can't just replace the battery if things go south.
  • Choose the brush that's right for your skin. This may mean using more than one brush - I like to mix things up, using a sensitive brush most of the time, and the deep pore cleansing brush once a week. In winter your skin will be drier, so consider switching to a delicate brush. We also stock a range of Luxe brush heads
  • You'll figure out your own routine, but I like to wash my forehead last, so I don't end up with cleanser in my eyes. Ow!
  • Speaking of cleanser, feel free to experiment in this department, just stay away from anything harsh or abrasive such as micro beads. I've found milky, non foaming cleansers work the best and don't leave my face too shiny or tight.
  • Don't share brush heads. If your friend wants to try it out without spending all that money, suggest that they buy their own brush head and then they can borrow the unit. Chances are they'll love it, and then they'll already have a spare brush ready to use.
  • Wash the brush head thoroughly after each use with a dot of antibacterial hand soap, and then allow it to dry thoroughly.


What advice would you give to a first-time Clarisonic user?

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