Blogger Review Round Up - The TriPollar POSE

by Jess Marrazzo

Blogger Review Round Up - The TriPollar POSE

10 years ago, if you had an opinion about something, you'd share it with your friends, family, acquaintences, and maybe even a couple of strangers on the bus. But now, thanks to the magical Internet machine, you can easily share your opinion with anyone who is interested in hearing it.

One of the best parts of this job is not only getting to share my opinions about our products, but finding all the wonderful things that other people write about them. Bloggers play an important role in making sure our customers get an accurate idea of what they can expect from the things we sell, and we're always really happy to hear what you think!

With that in mind, I thought I'd start compiling a round-up of reviews I find around the web... Starting with these 2 stellar TriPollar reviews.


Paul Handley from wrote:

"The TriPollar POSE is an amazing bit of kit that has delivered a simply amazing result.

I’m looking buff! Well, half of me is..."

Read the full review here!

And Farrah from wrote:

I have been using the device for 15 minutes on each thigh twice a week and YES, I am ECSTATIC to say, I can see a REDUCTION IN CELLULITE! I am so pleased with the results after only three weeks, I can’t wait to see how the saddle bag areas look after 6 weeks…and beyond that!

Read the full review here!

Thank you so much guys!

More reviews coming soon, and if you've reviewed any of our products and want us to link to your blog post, send us a tweet @CurrentBody

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